What are your hours?
Our business operates out of a convenient store. Our convenient store hours are 6:30am-9pm in the winter; 6am-10pm in the summer. The office staff is here from 8am-4pm each day to answer your catering questions.


Where can I find pricing for your catering events?
Pricing for events is available by email or filling out the contact us form.
Simple inquiries can be made by calling 921-2935


If I order a large number of cupcakes, is there a price break?
There is no price break in order quantity.
However, there is different pricing for regular vs. gluten-free cupcakes.


How far in advance should I ask if I need an event catered?
ASAP. On any given week, there is no guarantee if we will be available. The sooner you call, the greater your chance is to receive our services.


How many people can a pound of meat feed?
On average, 3-4 sandwiches per pound. Varies depending on the ages of the crowd.

More information available on our Casual Catering menu page.


How many people does a quarter sheet cake feed?
More information about our Wedding Cakes or Special Occasion Cakes can be found on their pages, including sizing and servings.


How do I book an event?

You send an email to [email protected] or by filling out our contact us form. You may also call the store at 563-921-2935 and ask to speak with someone in catering.

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